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Vending is an educated gamble. After a couple years you will get the hang on what you need. If you dont have another place to get rid of the food you dont sell it even becomes a bigger gamble. Most vendors fail if they are not busy enough and try and make a home run or vend twice a year. There is no doubt you will either sell out and or have way too much food left over carrying crazy costs with you. There is no exact science to vending I dont care what anyone says. It is all educated guess's. If you run out of food you fail, if you end the event with nowhere else to sell you will fail. What kind of signage do you have to make people what to come to you? There are a lot of factors. Do you want to gross 2k or 15k? There is a lot to think about beside how much food to bring. Are you truly set up to VEND!
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