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Originally Posted by dudg View Post
First of all I got a drum for my kiss UDS. The drum contained a water soluble coolant used for machine shop. I cut the top off and the inside has a black surface like a paint of sorts. I am able to cut right through it with a wire wheel down to bare metal. My concern is after I clean it up the steel surface is rough or porous its not smooth like some of the other drums I've seen. After burning all the paint off the outside with a weed burner the inside doesn't change much. Would this concern any of you and has anybody ever had any experience with this type of drum. My second question is my charcoal basket. I misread or misunderstood but I made a basket using a grate from a 22.5 grill so it is approx 18 inch diameter. Is this wide of a basket a good or bad thing. Thanks
If its down to bare metal you should be fine. Once you get a good seasoning in the drum you will never know since it will be covered in cooked on oil. 18" is fine for a fire basket. That is usually the base for most baskets that people make.
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