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Originally Posted by propsync View Post
So after my first two cooks I was getting a little metal taste. I have an unlined drum and someone suggested to burn it out, just in case. If I do this, how hot/long to burn it? I also got the suggestion of a diffuser/baffle. I have a metal pizza pan that has the holes in it. I'm thinking cover in foil and go with it. Comments?
If you are sure it is unlined i wouldn't worry about burning it out. You could be tasting creosote on your meat. Make sure the smoke coming out is thin and blue before putting your meat on the grill. Also put the pizza pan covered in foil under your meat so the grease doesn't burn in the fire.

I personally don't like the smell or taste of burnt grease. I use a terracotta pot base covered in foil under my meats on my drums.
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