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Default My post practice thoughts...

I am certainly glad we went through the effort for a practice run. The one thing I did not anticipate is how drained I would feel afterwards. That was exhausting.....

I am sure that things will run smoother at the competition as I will have both team mates with for the entire time.

Thanks to all the research read on Brethren post's, I had several lists that insured I had everything to complete the tasks. I did leave the fire extinguisher behind even though it was on the list and staged with all of the other stuff. I also had to run out for margarine. The only other thing that is not comp related was I should have had some serving spoons to dish-out the sides that guest had brought. I only provided the meat, rolls and corn on the cob.

As far as the food cook the only problem was I could not get the pork shoulder to get over two hundred, After 12.5 hours it was only at 190 and I had run out of time. I served it sliced, there was no complaint from the guests as it still was very tasty.

I blame the wind.. I had the smoker positioned like a weather vane, so the blowing wind would enter the fire box intake vent and exit out the smoke stack. I was able to maintain the temps between 220 and 265 most of the day. I did let two drops happen where the temps fell well below 200 and in my effort to get the temp back up the temps did get to 320-340. The brisket was great and the favorite of many of the guests; but I had pulled them off at 185-190.

Which brings me to a question for you the reader... Would it have been better to have the smoker positioned so it would have the wind hit the long side of unit? (probably the back so the wind would be blocked when I open the lid)

The competition style chicken thighs seem to be a big hit every time I make them and where gone before I could sample one myself.

I used the 22.5" Kettle for the ribs, six slabs cooked on the a rack. When we went out for dinner the night before my team mates son who was very much enjoying his order of ribs asked me if I was going to boil my ribs like he thought the restaurant had done. They were such the you could pull the bone off clean and still tasted very good. My eye brow raised response was no I do not boil my ribs... After having a few of mine at the practice he came over and complimented mine. Saying he see's the difference.

I usually am the guy with a lot of photos and video, but I only managed to get 6 shots with my phone. I am waiting/hoping for the other people to post up the many shots they took and will post them here when they do. Buy my son's head count we had about 35 folks come out. It was very cool at 42 - 45 degrees and very windy but the rain had stopped. I was sure of about 10 guest and very happy/surprised with the total that did show up. When all was said and done every one was very full and most of the meat was eaten. I reserved one slab of ribs for my brother who did not make it to the event so that is all I had left from the 40 pounds I cooked to bring home.

I now feel confident that we will not embarrass ourselves next month when we go forth into bbq battle. We may not get a call to walk up, which I do not expect but still hope for, but should look like we are ready.

Meat in line for paying at Sam's Club...

Saturday after setting up the things I could get there in to car loads...

Look at the easy up wall for the evidence of the wind and the smoker position.

Peeking along the way...

In the stall...

Me with a gift on my head from one of the guests....

I look forward to meeting those of you guys next month, appreciate the helping offers.


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