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Default Best Pulled pork to date! **pr0n heavy

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have officially hit my stride with pulled pork! Its finally exactly where I want it to be! And I owe it all to a foil pan! May not be the norm or conventional but FU CKrying out loud... It was AMAZING!

I got a case of some amazing pork butts straight off the farm for a job last month (as usual, which is pretty easy to do out here) and I held back the 2 prettiest ones... forgive me but it was worth it! Anyways, I digress... I seasoned it with my own pork rub (Hog Dirt) after injecting it with a simple blend of apple juice, cider vinegar, sugar, salt and a bit more of the rub. and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

I put it on a fairly hot smoke (300-350) for about an hour then into a DRY pan fat side up until the fat started rendering out filling the pan. I then flipped it fat side down to work on the bark, sprinkled a little more rub on it and basted with the renderings... I cannot BEGIN to describe the flavor throughout the meat... SO good! You guys need to give the pan a go even if it's just for once! This is my staple method from now on! that butt sitting in the seasoned pork fat bubbling away...

Well here's how it went:

Started off by skinning the butt and deboning the spine (for my assistant, She always wants it grilled up )

Injected and rubbed that butt down, and into the fridge it went:

Threw it on this morning with a blend of guava and lychee wood for smoke.

Browned it for a bit then placed it in a half pan:

The treat

Back to the butt:

Flipped it, sprinkled it and basted it:

and it's ready to come off

Poured off the fat and mixed in some of the renderings:

The rest of the renderings went into a mix with some SBR's, cider vinegar and some scotch bonnet pepper:

And the perfect simple sammy!

Couldn't have asked for better pulled pork! Give the pan a go! It surprised the HELL outta me!!!
Well, thanks for looking guys

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