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I had to do a double take to see if you were in the Tornado zone around April 27. We had major power transmission towers damaged and the longest power outtage in my life (5-6 days). As it turned out, I also had a bunch of defrosted meat on my hands. I felt like Forrest Gump's friend Bubba with the 4 flat irons after we ate the ribs for the first few days. Flat iron fajitas, flat iron quesadillas, flat iron cheesesteak sandwiches (after bread became available), and flat iron omelettes. The side burner on my gasser made short work of most chores after the meat was cooked over coals.

I did not want to sauce the meat or oil to reheat and should have thought of using the beer in my hand as you suggested. Duh. I found that slicing the meat very thin and then crosscutting to dice into smaller pieces was a big hit with the smaller kids. I can't believe I forgot the mushrooms. When using the giant burrito tortillas, I held my hand over them in a skillet and turned the skillet onto my hand and then layed it back into the skillet. I also used the side burner to sear/blacken the fajita mixture with cast iron and added a chopped tomato.

Your totally grilled version looks much sexier! Great post.
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