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Default meat grinding technique

I have a KitchenAid mixer attachment, the meat grinder. I use it to grind all kinds of meat. When I grind raw meat with it I have often gotten splatters of blood or juice all around the machine, necessitating laborious cleanup. The other day, though, I had to grind some pork and I had a little piece of shoulder in the freezer. I took it out and let it thaw a few hours. Still nowhere near thawed, I hacked it into chunks so the extra surface area would help it thaw quicker.

I decided to try grinding it still a bit frozen. Guess what? No spatter at all! The same recipe called for ground beef too. I had some nice beef chunks I'd previously frozen and thawed, and they were looking mighty juicy and splattery. So I layed them out on a cookie sheet and stuck them in the freezer until they were about half frozen and ground them. Again, no mess at all!

So if you've had trouble with messy meat grinding, try slightly freezing the chunks before grinding. Worked for me!
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