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Originally Posted by ibait2fish View Post
Wampus---just a note. A couple of years back there was a post about using brown
sugar in beans...apparently, if you soak, then use the sugar before you cook, the beans
will toiughen up every time. I kinda think Bush's and Van Camp's cook their beans first
and mix everything together later. I started soaking and cooking my beans first and
haven't had any trouble. Seems to work as good as using cannned pintos, etc.
Yeah, I mistakenly thought that soaking beans just meant putting them in cold water overnight. What I found out after talking with my Mom and some folks here is that the best way to "soak" dried beans is: Mom offered the same advice as Bull did in that link. Plus, he suggests (as you do) to soak and soften by cooking the beans BEFORE you put them into a recipe. Don't know if it's the BS that did it, but seems you are correct.

Yesterday, when I made these I'd already gone past the point of soaking so I just picked up some Bush's.

Originally Posted by rlt View Post
So, I really want to try this, but I don't know where to get the Famous Dave's sauce. Where can I get it, or can I substitute something? Thanks guys.
Well, the local Grocery store here in my town stocks Famous Dave's. If you can't find it, you could always use any sauce of your choice, I suppose. I chose that one because the "Apricot/Bourbon" seemed logical and it also has a very subtle kick to it that lends itself nicely to the recipe. If you can't find it around you, it's available through their online store:

I really like their sauce.
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