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You just need more caffeine :)

Here is the full cupping notes on the Ethiopian from our cupping team...

Ethiopia Natural Sidamo Ardi

Roasted to City+ in a hottop.

Fragrance/Aroma: 8

Fragrance: Intensity 8/10 berries, tropical fruit (papaya, slight mango), hint of banana
Aroma: Intensity 7/10 berries, hint of toasted grain, malt, tropical fruits; berries, hint of papaya, touch of chocolate and malt on the break

Flavor: 8.25 sweet, clean, berries (blackberry perhaps), tropical fruits (papaya, mango come to mind), slight honey note

Aftertaste: 8.25 clean, lingering sweet finish, more tropical fruit than berry (though it's still there), some mid-range honey-like sweetness, maybe a skosh of dark chocolate

Acidity: 7.75 slight tingle, but mostly rounded, soft and smooth

Intensity: medium to medium-high

Body: 8 creamy, smooth, rich

Weight: medium to medium-high

Balance: 8 well-balanced, top to bottom, hot to cold

Overall: 8 Wonderfully clean, fruity, and creamy natural Ethiopian

Total Score: 86.25

Excellent, clean, fruity natural Sidamo. Another gem, like last years. Even at 8 days off the roast, the fruit is present, complex, and clean. The creamy body meshes perfectly with the tropical fruits. Finish holds, with fresh and clean fruit lingering on the palate. Highly Recommended.
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