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Originally Posted by Big Bears BBQ View Post
I have a Weber Silver also its probably 8 to 9 yeras old never wears out. I do have to get a new igniter but I've done a lot grilling on it. Weber is worth the money. But with more family and friends coming over to see what's grilling I'm thinking I need a bigger model now.......
I have found that Flavorizor Bars need replacing every couple of years. The ones I took out were porcelain coated and not that old (but still rusting). It does seem that the ones that were in there originally lasted longer. I have been through at least 3 sets.

The ignitor "gas collector" was really rusted out, the piezo pushbutton still worked fine, but since the ignitor comes with everything I just replaced it all. It really lights off nice now.

One thing that I noted also was that the replacement hose/regulator assembly seemed alot lighter than the original. However I have found that
this new one does not have the same "whooshing gas noise" as the old one. The temperature control is pretty snappy and and empty grill comes up to temp pretty quick.

As for the size of the silver, I have cooked for 10 on it without a problem...wings, brats, sirloins and the like. I also do beer can chickens - I think the size is plenty big...maybe you should just double your weber capacity.
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