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Originally Posted by SmokeOCD View Post
If you ever make it out to Niles there is Fresh Farms International Market. It will make your eyes bug out to see their fish section. It's amazing, I just live too far away. Did Meijers for fish before, not Costco yet.
If i'm ever in the area i'll be sure to check it out. I highly reccomend costco. Their prices are very competetive to what my father-in law pays. Also if you know anyone with access to Restaurant Depot i would check them out too.

Originally Posted by The Pigman View Post
How many would you say this feeds.........
It depends on your eaters i guess. If you are going to have some sort of appetizers before hand to fill up on then i would say it will feed between 8-10. If you are serving just this then i would say between 5-7. I made this for 5 (this is all i was serving) and we are pretty good eaters. It filled to large aluminum pans. by the time we finished eating i had one heaping aluminum half pan of leftovers (the picture above). Obviously if you have a larger stock pot you can add more to the recipe. 30 quarts was the size of my stock pot and by the time i was done adding everything the water was almost to the top of the pot. However if you cut out the clams and relaced it with more shrimp you could stretch the serving size out a little more.
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