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Originally Posted by DannyMac View Post
So oven cleaner doesn't affect the finish? I'm down to the last thin layer of hard of hard gease.
There is a funny story behind that one.

I was a little freaked out myself about the "NO OVEN CLEANER" warning that weber even states. Even more so because I had already chipped the edge of the porcelain under where the end caps go (incidentally I just spray painted hi temp bbq black and put the end cap back on - not a porcelain patch - end cap is hiding it).

I put the hood and the drip pan in plastic trash bags outside after I sprayed them with this stuff I got at Smart & Final. "First Street Oven & Grill Cleaner". Says it's fine on everything. So I spray it down, put it outside in black trash bags (big ones) and let set for hour, hours, overnight, scrape with plastic scraper, move to thin metal scraper, move to razor scraper. Razor scraper wins hands down, move to that first. I did the oven cleaner thing for multiple days. 2 or three as I recall. Will not ruin the porcelain at all. Did the same for the drip pan. Both were essentially as near as clean as they arrived after the process.

I think I could've measured the thickness of my buildup with a ruler instead of a micrometer, it was insanely thick. Some of it laughed at the sandblaster as well...but the sandblaster ended up winning.
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