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I'm using 4 different rubs for 4 racks of babybacks.
It's going to be fun!

As for using Old Bay on other meats...

I have never used it on steak. Well, I've used it on fajitas. That's it though.

I use it in chicken all the time, it's great! Especially old bay wings! Just throw that rub on em and put em in a bag for 24 hours and then through them on the grill. It's the easiest way to get the tastiest chicken!

Anyway, I used two bottled rubs from Texas and the Old Bay rub with a little brown sugar so it's not entirely too salty. The 4th is in a marinade that the rest were in about 24 hrs ago. I'll throw some bbq sauce on with about an hour to go on the smoker. I'll make sure to take some pictures for you guys. Wish me luck.
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