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Default Weber Silver B Overhaul Refurbish Repair Cleaning

I wanted to overhaul my weber and got some good cleaning tips from this board prior to starting.

Here is the photo-progression of my weber genesis silver b overhaul. It was a complete knock down to the frame. After looking at the fotos I could've cleaned the side table a bit better so I went and soaked it in the cleaner for awhile and it is all cleaned up now.

I bought the grill in late 2004, and it had a good 6+ years of baked on fat and grease. I grill quite often so the grill was really dirty. I had pressure washed the inside before but had not restored it to "baby's butt" condition. The project took 2 weeks to complete.

Basically I soaked the pieces in simple green and tried the wire brush method.

That did not work as well as I hoped so I sandblasted it off instead. I had access to a sandblast hood deal so it didn't cost anything. I did not sandblast the hood, I used oven cleaner and just scrubbed it and then used a razor scraper to to take the last layer of fat off.

I painted the hood end caps and some spots on the firebox.

I bought the following from
SS Burners
SS Flavorizor Bars

I used a CharBroil universal thermometer and bought the ignitor at Home Depot.

I reused my cast iron grills as there was nothing wrong with them.

All in all parts cost $100

Can you believe the webers are made in China now (the spirit models)? I almost fell for one until I found out and decided to overhaul.
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