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somebody shut me the fark up.

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It is not about the steel, it is about the design of the knife. A serrated knife with pointed serrations saws the meat, it makes a difference. A sharp knife, no matter the steel, will cut smoother cuts, tears less meat and releases juices in a different manner. Similarly, I believe a long blade with a thin profile makes for a better cut of meat. I think that matters in terms of analyzing taste.

Beyond that, it is a crap shoot and a lot falls to personal preference. I happen to like fine knives, it is a lot like does it really matter what quality bourbon you drink if the goal is to get drunk. No it doesn't, but, some do taste better along the way. I can tell you this, if I have to prep for 100 covers, I want one of my Japanese Santoku knives in my hand and not some $30 knife, I know this first hand.

As for perception, why do we care about smoke ring, bark development and color, tenderness and bite through skin? Why even bother with anything but the taste in BBQ. I know plenty of folks that will tell you all that matters is sauce. Everything else is perception.
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