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Originally Posted by jminion
Originally Posted by dxesmkr
Congrats on a great finish!!!!!!!!

Judges are all over the board with scores.I think there really needs be a crack down on the way some judges score.Its mainly the inexperince of new judges that flood the bbq circuit every year.For example, this weekend in ribs: 988, 989, 688, 775, 978, 335.....Everything is pretty close except for judge #6.Whats up with that???? That's the norm here lately with the scoring.

Willy T.
Judge 6 didn't hurt you, judge 4 did his score counted.
Hey Jim,
I know judge 6 wasn't scored, I just hate my low score was wasted on a bad call.It could of possibly been judge 4 being the low score any other time.Another example.....Last year we finished 2nd in pork at Union,SC contest.Here's the numbers.....887,887,725,877,888,898.Judge 3 was way outta whack.From the score he gave in taste they should have spit it out. But what really got my attention is when I looked through the other pork scores.My number was a total of 14 from that judge.Loooking over the other team numbers I saw five other judge 3 scores in the low teens.It may just have been coincidence.
Don't get me wrong,I'm not using this as a excuse for this past weekend. Cause I can tell you everything "I" did wrong to attribute to my finish this weekend . I just think there is alot of inexperienced judges.Nothing is more disheartning than too hear judges after judging say" We didn't have anything worth a dang today".

Just my opinion.Not mad in the least,
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