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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Originally Posted by PhilipW View Post
A couple of my thoughts.

I guess you'd use a magnet, or some other means of controlling the air intake? a 2" valve seems pretty big to stick on there.

I get liquid in the bottom of my drum when I smoke, so I'm guessing that might run into the hole, which might not be terrific.
Magnet or a swivel teardrop over the pipe. I had planned running it up the side of the UDS halfway.

The liquid in the bottom is why I was thinking of installing a 90 on the inside. A 2" 90 on a close nipple will get the hole an inch or so off the bottom. Guess I'll just try it and see if it works good. If not, can always modify it to a hole(s) in the side later.
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