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Originally Posted by smokindave74 View Post
The previous post made me think of something I was going to post about a while back. I was using all stainless hardware on the first UDS I made, but I couldn't find the right size fender washers one day, so I bought Zinc, and figured I would just torch them to get the zinc off. No wayyyyyyy

I almost melted one of the was red hot, and it did not fume off anything. So, I looked up the specs on zinc coatings.........they don't even melt until about 800 degrees F, and they don't vaporize until over 1600 degrees F. Call me crazy, but I don't think that my UDS will ever get close to that hot, even if I had some red hot coals laying directly on the hardware.

I don't see any reason not to use Zinc coated bolts, and washers, etc, for grate supports and lid/handle hardware. This stuff will never get that hot, other than in the initial burnout, when I don't have any hardware on it.

Anyone else given any more thought to this??
Hey--what's goin' on in here? Somebody thinking for themselves?? You know that's dangerous...

I'm with you all the way on the zinc deal. All the hubbub over it is ridiculous. Pretty much shows me that the internet is nothing more than a bigger "back fence" to gossip over... "somebody said that somebody said that somebody said this zinc stuff will turn your hair green and make you grow an elbow out of your forehead". Once it's repeated enough time it's "fact". I use whatever I've got around, or whatever I can find for the money I'm willing to spend at the time.

To top it off, I even use *gasp!* galvanized hardware cloth to make the walls for my fire basket. For less than the price of one chunk of expando, you can get enough 1" hardware cloth to make 4 or 5 baskets. Read the specs on what it takes for galvanized to give off fumes... It's a non-issue...

Thanks for bringing this up, and more importantly, thank you for thinking things through for yourself instead of following the herd.

And no, this is not to belittle anybody for coming to different conclusions than I did. It's all good in the end, and we do what we think is right.
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