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Congrats on a great finish!!!!!!!!

The chicken presentation also looks great.The only thing I might have done(hard to say just looking at a picture) would be push the parsley down more(in between the pieces) so the chicken would be the center focus.Cause thats some good lookin' chicken!If I'm dealing with smaller thighs I usually will put eight in a box.Kick is right about the uniformity in chicken pieces.

Judges are all over the board with scores.I think there really needs be a crack down on the way some judges score.Its mainly the inexperince of new judges that flood the bbq circuit every year.For example, this weekend in ribs: 988, 989, 688, 775, 978, 335.....Everything is pretty close except for judge #6.Whats up with that???? That's the norm here lately with the scoring.

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