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I talked with the lady this week and discussed the eating habits of this vocation. She was full aware of their appetites and said just quote my standard per head price for a lunch for the items they wanted and that they would give me a per head number that they typically adjust for the crowd they are feeding as some office staff eat as well., She was in complete agreement that the most horrible thing that could happen would be a food outage. What she does is takes the actual number of folks eating and doubles the amount for laborers. Say it's 40 people eating and 30 are labor=10 normal and 30 double for a total of 70 times my per head rate. It was cool that she knew what she was dealing with since they do this a lot and was extremely sensitive to not running out of food. She said tell me how much per head and she would be responsible for making sure she bought enough chow. It's a different twist than what I have read on here and what had occurred to me as a way of approaching the process. Her thinking was just "buy 2 meals for the big eaters", just like you do for your 13 year old boy. Made my task easier. Thanks to all of you for your input.
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