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Talking Cook once; eating 3 times and counting...

I smoked my first whole packer this past Saturday, which lead to:

1) my first burnt ends; man those things made it worth the effort. Never had them before this and I am totally in love with them now.

2) I tried a spicier rub then I have done before which made the meal a whole new experience. Watch the video to see the recipe borrowed from DD&D.

YouTube - MoGridders dry rub and DavidLSI's first burnt ends...

3) more meat than the family could eat in one meal, which presented a problem I have not had before. It took more time than I would have liked to get it up to 140, like it was stalled in the 130's for a long time.

4) Quesodillas the second night

5) Tonight I made a beef barley soup which brings me to the reason for this post... Man on man does that smokey flavor make soup something special.
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