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Originally Posted by Zippylip View Post
gtsum, curious as to why you think it doesn't do well on pizza? Also, can you fit a 1/2 sheet pan on to do Sicilian pizzas? I do a lot of these but I'm limited to the oven, can't fit the pan in the egg

Now that is a nice sicilian pie!! Nicely done! I should have clarified my comment above a bit - for an american style pie (or Sicilian like your's above), it works well. For a NY style, Elite NY Style, or Neopolitan, it leaves a lot to be desired. To cook one of those three types of pies (in the truest sense...not saying it cant be done other ways though), you need to be able to produce a sub 5 minute pie, sub 4 minute pie, and sub 2 minute pie respectively. The hardest thing to do is to balance the bottom heat with the top heat. Having a stone at 700 degrees and a dome temp of 550 is going to result in a scorched bottom and a gummy dough with the toppings not cooked. In an ideal world, the top heat is at least equal to the hearth heat or greater (like a WFO or a LBE pizza cooker...aka poor man's WFO).

Cooking a steak at 750 degrees in a ceramic cooker is get a pizza stone to 700 plus degrees AND get the dome temp to AT LEAST that much is darn near impossible. It would take me well over an hour to get to this point, and at that point the ceramic is thoroughly heat soaked and as such, the bands would stretch from the heat...I almost lost my lid one well my hinge is permanently bent. In the Primo, it is about impossible (at least it was for me and I tried for a year to produce the pies I was looking did others that are far more advanced in pizza making then I). I am now on my third firebox and 3rd firegrate....and my 3rd nomex gasket. It certainly will cook a fine 7-10 minute pie at 450-525 or so, and I like those too, but my homemade pizza quest is cooking Elite NY and Neo/NY style. Although I have been known to make a few mean deep dish chicago style pies as well:)

It has been a long time since I have cooked on a BGE, but it seems that folks have a bit better luck cooking those style of pies on them then the Primo...I personally think the round shape lends itself to a better pizza cooker then the oval of the primo (as well as the depth of the firebox).

For an all around cooker, I don't think a ceramic can be beat...they are the jack of all trades imo - I bake, bbq, smoke, cold smoke, grill, and roast in mine...but, if I am being honest, I prefer the que cooked on a log burning offset a bit better, and I prefer my pizza off my LBE cooker quite a bit better

BUT, that pie of yours above is making my mouth water...I might have to make me one of those!
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