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Default ceramic smoker appreciation thread???

I know this forum is dominated by metal smokers of all variety & there are lengthy threads devoted to the building/appreciation of these great cookers. I did a search & couldn’t find a ceramic smoker appreciation thread & thought maybe there should be one, hopefully you’ll add pictures of & comments about your ceramic cooker here.

My first was a large BGE in 2004, followed in 2008 by a mini which has since been co-opted by my daughter, given a custom handle & renamed ‘ballerina egg’.

By the way if this thread already exists please delete . If not, lets see'm, here's mine:

The original setup, made a table out of cedar planks:

after the mini joined up:

action shot:

tired of getting rained on so I put up a roof (the hut):

added a brick table:

the addition of the new ballerina handle on the mini for my cookin buddy (the daughter):

all ready for cookin:

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