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Originally Posted by PhilipW View Post
We found when grinding through it's pretty easy to see the separation as you get through so this may really work. On "Daleks" drum it had been full of olive oil and it actually seeped out as he ground through.

Even on the thin one you still have to be deliberate to get through it. Just keep the flat of the wheel on the surface, staying away from the edge of the wheel, which can dig in pretty quickly.
This works great! I've made my last 2 using this method. I just grind around the outside until I can see the separation. Use a flat-blade screwdriver like a chisel to break the lid lose, and off you go. By grinding on the outside of the lip, the lid has enough lip left to seal with no problem. Keep that screwdriver handy--you may need it the first time you open the drum for a new smoking session. Once it's warmed up, I just use the chimney (6" length of pipe screwed into the bung hole) as a handle.

Run some sandpaper around the edge of the lid ASAP so you don't slice your fingers--that sucker will be sharp!! (ask me how I know...).
Oh yeah, before popping the lid off, find the vertical seam on the barrel, and grind a small notch in the edge of the lid. Use the notch to align the lid when you put it back on--Most of these drums aren't "perfectly" round...

I'll check in the morning if I get up early enough and try to post a pic of the notch. It doesn't have to be very big, just enough you can find it.

I have had to continue grinding even after the lid pops off in order to get the diameter small enough a Weber lid will fit. Don't worry about taking too much off.
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