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Originally Posted by Dalek View Post
Well, here is my UDS experience. I picked Dalek for my handle and if there are any Dr. Who fans out there, they will know what that is.

I started with a unlined used Olive oil drum I picked up for $16 and went to town on it. I used an angle to cut the lid off (it's in the video that PhilipW had shown). I used a weed torch to loosen the paint on the outside. Used a paint stripper / scotch brite type wheel from the orange hardware store and it made quick work of the paint on the outside of the drum.

Built the fire basket per recommended procedures on the forum with a minor tweak on the bottom of the ash pan, to make sure it didn't sag over time.

I went to a local fence/iron working store and found the stuff to make the arms. The bubbles around the drum are actually fence pipe weld on caps.

I still have some things I want to do to the weber dome but my family has been hounding me to get the UDS to a point that can start smoking!!!

I would like to thank all the people who have posted their experiences here and a special thanks to PhilipW for prodding me on this project!!!

Tomorrow is the day this Dalek comes to life
Awah man I'm crackin up over here. Just wait toll the British guys see thin rig.

Well done my friend.

Slappin that bass like some delerious funky preist!!!

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