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Thanks, JamesTX! That sounds pretty decent too!

Landarc...Made that recipe you posted yesterday along with another braised version using fresh apples, apple cider and apple cider vinegar. Pretty much same technique with both. I have to say that there is a lot of preperation in the recipe above, but I figure if I make the sauces ahead of time, it just comes down to 3 hours of cooktime, so totally doable.

I had another thought last night....why not put a little smoke on it (say hour to hour and a half) then pull it off, cut into 1-1/2" cubes, more rub, BBQ Sauce and treat them like brisket burnt ends? I think that would render down the fat fairly well too. Maybe have to trim the fat cap a little just to get it down to a more manageable thickness. Thoughts?
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