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I shared photos of our 2 builds a few weeks back, but also wanted to show a little of the grub we've done so far.

My bbq pal has done a brisket, chicken, and baby backs. I've done sausage, baby backs, and some beef ribs.

The beef ribs were today, and I've done them on my Egg a few times with some success.

These were the best I've done so far. My drum got away from me a bit, and ran higher than I intended (270). Rubbed with Tasty Licks BBQ's Black Bart's Brisket and Redeye Meat Rubs.

Did 3 hours and then 50 minutes in foil. While the meat pulled back a bunch, they were not at all dry. Dipped some in sauce, they were Killer!

Truthfully.... I wanted to do these so I have some bones to make stock for some French Onion soup.

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