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somebody shut me the fark up.
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If I might add a few things--- You will need a U P C Code if you plan to sell your product in most stores today. This will cost you a minimum of $ 750.00 weather you have 1 product or 999. This is how it works---Example ---Your code # 79565 00478---The first 5 numbers identify the product as belonging to you or your business. The last numbers identify what the product is. You choose the last numbers (what ever you want) As you add products, all you do is change the last few numbers.
That is some good info that I wasn't sure on yet. Thanks.

I will be opening a Bottling Company in the next 2 years
Let me know when you do that. Sounds interesting.

100 gallon mimimum doesn't sound to bad, I was thinking it would be double that or more.

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