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Originally Posted by JONESY View Post
I love my 22, its definitely my favorite cooker. I think Weber has done a fantastic job engineering these things, and very few mods are necessary. Other than playing with the water pan, and that depends on what you're cooking, the only mod I've had to do is make a smaller fire ring for shorter cooks. I decided on half the original volume, and a little bit taller to keep a very compact fire. What I came up with was a ring that is 6" tall with a diameter of 10.7", this is exactly half the original volume. I made it out of expanded metal, so if you cut a piece 33.61" long x 6" wide, when rolled it will give you the 6x10.7" dia ring.

Here's my original post;
Thanks for posting pics of your fire ring! That is very nice!

Originally Posted by Myrdhyn View Post
Only had mine since Wednesday, already used it twice, and already completely in love with it. The amount of "don't have to do anything" this affords me over my offset is blowing my mind. The temperatures are so steady I've tapped the thermometer a few times to make sure it was still working. It's like a crockpot for BBQ.

I've gotten the (IMO) few obligatory cooks with kingsford blue out of the way, next two smokes I'm startin in with my preferred (RO) lump. Curious what temp/duration I can hold with it wide open and full of lump.
Please post back here with your results.
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