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Default The Big ONE!

Brothers...quick story about the power of the UDS.

My buddy borrowed my drum to cater a party he was attending. It seems his XL BGE couldn't handle all of the food so he needed my hillbilly smoker to cook 40lbs of chix...which it did flawlessly!

He picks up my barrel in the morning and stuffs everything into his truck. I get a frantic call about half hour later...he was doing 90 on the highway because he was late and the barrel lifted 100 feet into the air and crashed in traffic. He said cars dove out of the way like the BIG ONE at Talladega!! Charcoal, grates, lid, firebox, clamps...all over the road and not a single wreck! He tried to recover as much as he could frogger style but the grates were toast.

As he's on the phone telling me this story I hear a smash and a litany of four letter words. Yep...he smashed a deer while he was telling me about the destruction of my drum! Classic. Keep in mind he still had to get to this party and cook all this food (9 racks, pizzas, chix) and do it on a truck with the front basically ripped off!

I ran to the depot and bought 2 grates and headed to help him out. Got busy with a hammer and pounded the UDS back into round. Slammed the lid down and used a foil gasket to seal it up. Aside from some serious scrapes of the custom paint and a fat dent near the worked perfect!!!

This ordeal motivated me to finally break out my harbor freight flux welder and teach myself how to weld. Took a flat lid from another barrel and welded the weber dome to it and then cut out the inside. Tighter seal than when I used the lock ring and clamp!! Got a shoulder and a chuck roast in as we speak for a BBQ tonight! Pics included...remember, not one lesson on the god awful welds! NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE UDS!


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