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Originally Posted by BobBrisket View Post
I've read many comments like that. Do they make the brisket sweet, salty, bitter? Zilla, in your opinion, why do you think many comp cooks have gotten away from plain? I know a lot has to do with what judges want. Just something that has always intrigued me about comp style cooking.

It's a bit salty to me and it also adds some "enhanced flavor".... Umami? and there is a condensed beef flavor to it as well. As cooks are starting to cook hotter they are needing to use the Phosphates in the injections to gain the edge in moisture retention. It also reduces the margin of error for all. So as the number of cooks in each competition that use moisture/flavor enhancers increases so does the need for you to use them too. The playing field needs to be level to have an opportunity to win. I don't want to throw away my money so I am forced to use them too. IMO
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