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Originally Posted by jgh1204
Just deboned my butts, sliced in half, applied the cure, rolled them back up. They are now in the fridge curing. My question is, they are about 2 inches thick. I think I will cut the curing time back to 7 days since they say 10 days for 3 to 3.5 inches.
I really don't think this is rocket science here.
I have almost exactly the same "profile" curing in the frig--due to cook on Thursday at a full 10 days curing.
I will post when I am done (probably Friday to cool and cut) and let you know if 10 is the "magic" number
Kinda like wet aging beef or smoking temps--never felt like the product knew the difference of a week or so either way or a 10 degrees variation of temp--just start with the concept and go from there

Let Ya Know.

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