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Originally Posted by smokindave74 View Post
On my second drum, I actually turned the whole thing upside down, and use the flat lid, clamped on, as the actual bottom of the smoker. I cut the "bottom" out of the drum with a cold chisel, and put my lid on that end. That is pretty typical of most closed end drums. The open ends have the bigger lip, that is too big for an unmodified weber lid. The welded or rolled edge on the bottoms, usually accommodate a weber lid perfectly.
Ugh. Guess I should have read a few more pages. Missed it by 12 hours. I honestly don't see the need for more than one rack for what I plan on ever doing, so I'm not freaking out, but I would have liked the option to go for two! Cheers all. If the snow/sleet/crap ever stops, I'll be able to fire this thing up. One question for unlined cans, do you rub the barrel with oil, or do you just straight up cook?
What ever happened to the thick coating for that buoy grill?
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