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You said bungless!

Definitely take out the seal. I just burned the crap outta mine, and it melted out....then I sanded it out, seasoned with a little veggie oil, and repainted the whole top of the lid with the same high-heat paint.

On my second drum, I actually turned the whole thing upside down, and use the flat lid, clamped on, as the actual bottom of the smoker. I cut the "bottom" out of the drum with a cold chisel, and put my lid on that end. That is pretty typical of most closed end drums. The open ends have the bigger lip, that is too big for an unmodified weber lid. The welded or rolled edge on the bottoms, usually accommodate a weber lid perfectly.

If you have already cut your holes and mounted grates, then you are too far along to try this out......but you can always make another one. :-)

Originally Posted by propsync View Post
These pics crack me up. You guys are awesome, I wish I had that much time/creativity. Moving on, I've got a couple of questions-

1. My drum is ready except for the lid. The lid has a rubber seal. Should I remove that? It also has a clamp that I assume I'm going to not want to get hot, pitch it?

2. My lid is bungless. Huh huh huh. I thought about taking a 6in. damper and cutting a smaller hole in the lid. Use some hardware so it rotates. Any thoughts?

3. My Weber lid just sits on top, and I imagine cutting the bead will allow it to fit. Is that accurate?

4. Thermometer. I'm not doing a digital, so what is most common?

Thanks for the help. Call me lazy, but 500 pages to sift through seems a bit much.
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