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These pics crack me up. You guys are awesome, I wish I had that much time/creativity. Moving on, I've got a couple of questions-

1. My drum is ready except for the lid. The lid has a rubber seal. Should I remove that? It also has a clamp that I assume I'm going to not want to get hot, pitch it?

2. My lid is bungless. Huh huh huh. I thought about taking a 6in. damper and cutting a smaller hole in the lid. Use some hardware so it rotates. Any thoughts?

3. My Weber lid just sits on top, and I imagine cutting the bead will allow it to fit. Is that accurate?

4. Thermometer. I'm not doing a digital, so what is most common?

Thanks for the help. Call me lazy, but 500 pages to sift through seems a bit much.
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