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Default All About BRISKET!

BRISKET! Everything you ever wanted to know, ask, and share when it comes to whole packers, points, flats, you name it!
The purpose behind this thread is to eventually create one general thread that any member can refer to and find information about BRISKET! In this thread you can share advice, tips, tricks, techniques, foil no foil, trimming, fat cap up or down, slow and low vs. fast and hot, rest periods, slicing procedures, success stories, failures, non pron posts, pron only posts, comp style, injections, rubs, etc, or to simply ask a quick question that requires a simple answer and not an entire thread about it, or even link to your favorite brisket threads already on this forum. The idea is to keep the thread constantly evolving with information about BRISKET!

Here's a link to the All About RIBS! thread.

The reasoning behind it is to have one main thread that will pop up when conducting a search that will provide a bulk of the GREAT information that is already out there about the topic, but in consolidated form, to new members, lurkers, etc.......kinda like the UDS thread is now. Plus, it will have new and current information as well. I also hope to highlight the great information that is located in Roadmaps, but that most may not know exists, to highlight some great threads that are already out there on the subject, and to share a little on my part.)

I'll start off by sharing the links and member comments in our Roadmap Forum about Brisket which already have some great information to start off with.


This thread contains an excellent article I cut and pasted from a newsletter Brother Solidkick was kind enough to send me. Excellent reading.

Jun 18, 2004 - 08:14 AM by kcquer

An allup guide to brisket questions.

This is one of the best brisket threads ever. Dont give up on it. By the time you reach the end of the thread, you will understand, and become one with The Funk.

Beginner Brisket on a Kettle - Offset: A nice compilation of tips and strategies for offset brisket, first time around, on a kettle.

Here's a favorite Brisket thread of mine courtesy of Bigabyte.

And some of my brisket pron. Nowadays, I prefer to cook em a bit faster and hotter and my go to rub is pretty much salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder, and cayenne powder. I'm a fat cap down cooker, but started out fat cap up! I figured for the sake of my own sanity, I'd better decide on one method and stick to it, so cap down it is. Unless the fat cap is very thick, I don't trim my briskets at all except for the hard knuckle of fat that's found on packers.
Can't go wrong with brisket on bread, a hint of sauce, and beans and tater salad. A little bit of the green heat adds to the experience as well. Let's not forget Brisket Chili........Dayuum Good!

Okay, now it's your turn!
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