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Originally Posted by Q-Dat View Post
In a box of fried chicken which pieces usually disappear first? With most people I know its the wings.

What is the only part of the chicken to have entire restaurant chains built around it as a theme? Wings.

If you had most judges over for dinner and served wings they would probably love them, but for some reason sit them at a table with five other judges and all of a sudden its wierd. Ive never judged and Ive only cooked four comps, but all I have read and heard tells me that this is the case.
Actually, you hit on a major key as to why. It's because they cant be and/or aren't fried. Baked (basically), grilled, ends up with rubbery skin and very little meat. That's why. At home you can throw the skin away and have at the meat and just suck the sauce off the outside. Judging, 'ya can't. That skin must be eaten. Not good.

A major key to barbecue competitions is the simple understand that if you present it in your box (other than garnish), it will be eaten/sampled, whether the judge likes it or not. Think of it as averaging down, not averaging up. Wings will not cut it in a sanctioned comp. Perhaps in an anscillary, where we've fried the wings before, but not KCBS or others sanctioned.
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