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Default Alabama Hills "mustard" chicken and ribs

Below is a submission I put together for the current Mustard Throwdown, but have included a few bonus pictures here.

I awoke from my winterís hibernation to find myself once again back in the Alabama Hills in sort of Southern California (Iím not making that up, itís where a lot of westerns have been filmed). Rubbing my eyes, I decided to fire up the computer and see what the Brethren were Throwing Down about this week. To my delight, Mustard was the topic du jour. I love mustard. But then I panicked, remembering that mustard was the one thing I forgot to buy on my last shopping trip. What to do? But then I realized that in my sauce cupboard (actually it is a whole filing cabinet drawer), I remembered I had some good olí Carolina style mustard BBQ sauce driven all the way from South Carolina.
I had a rack of spares just begging to go on the spit. So I started them out with Rib-o-Latorís Grill Mor rub, with the plan of basting w my mustard sauce later in the cook.

I felt like in such impressive surrounding it would be sad to just have a rack of ribs all on its lonesome, and I had a chicken that needed cooking so then it was a question of how to cook the chicken. Then I remembered that I had some mustard seeds in the depths of my spice cabinet, so I went to work making a paste combining them, cumin, garlic powder w parsley, onion powder, onion salt and grated almonds with melted butter and a bit of sun-dried tomato bruchetta.

A lemon in the cavity per usual and then off to the rod she went.

I started basting the ribs with the mustard sauce right around here:

My attempt to plate them together just didnít have the same effect:

For what is worth the chicken came out with a real crispy skin and tender meat while the ribs sung of mustardy goodness.

Thanks for looking!

--Jonny Rotisserie
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