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Default Advise on New UDS Build

I am going to build my first UDS after seeing it and using it with great success at Ungawa (Lake Travis). I am going to buy a 55 gallon unlined open top barrel and put 3 to 4 3/4" holes an inch from the bottom and 6 to 8 1/4" in the top. The top holes will placed evenly in a circle with a diameter of about half the lid diameter. I going to put one grill about 6 inches from the top and another about 10 inches from the top. I am going to build a coal basket out of expanded metal. I will also put a thermostat and a handle on the lid.

Please provide any advise or changes on my design that yall think will be helpful. Also should I strip the outer paint and paint the barrel with high temp BBQ paint? Do not plan on cooking any higher than 350.
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