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Default Sandblasting a drum

Just call a pit maker that advertised sandblasting as one of their services. I thought, "great", I can finally take my 85 gallon overpack drum and get it sandblasted. I'm not sure what was in the drum before I purchased it for $40, but figured what ever "was" in it, could be sandblasted out. (I don't want to try to burn out whatever was in there off). The fellow says he can't do it because the metal is to thin (16 gauge) and because it only has one opened end, which would cause "blowback". Is this guy yanking my chain because he doesn't want to do it...or is he being straight up with me? The reason I ask, is because, "somewhere", on one of these 500+ pages I thought I read where someone had their drum sandblasted.
Thanx for any feedback.....
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