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Originally Posted by SmokenIdaho View Post
I am a Tile Contractor ah finally a tile question

The tile with the cement board would work fine but the most important is the air space. If you can do this the tile isn't necessary

UDS / airspace / shield of some kind / airspace / deck

The airspaces only need to be a couple of inches.
The shield could even be a drum lid

Yeah, I was planning on still using the fire bricks(stove bricks) under the UDS for air movement, and then the tile and grout, cement board.

I had the UDS on the fire brick, just like these

and needless to say we now have a hole in the back deck.

I know with proper use of the UDS, i would not have a problem with just continuing to use the fire bricks but to have a sense of safety if my roommate decides to try and use it, even after he has been banned from bbq'ing again, lol. I figured i would add a another safety barrier and something that will cover up the new wood that wil be replacing the burned wood.
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