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A friend of mine comes by my place a couple weeks ago and noticed I had two replacement Weber grills laying by the door. He asks if I'm building a UDS, to which I reply, "a what?" I was planning to build one after I saw somebody that was selling them, just didn't know what it was called.

He tells me of this forum and this thread, and for the next wee, I pretty much spent the next week reading all 500+ pages of the thread. I'm glad I did. I'm really glad I took notes as even in the last 15 pages I read, there was a tip I needed to know. (I read it out of order thinking the first 100 pages would have ideas later improved upon. Not true actually.)

I'm a smoker novice as in, I've never owned one before, so much of the forum discussion has been important to me, not just how to build and operate the UDS.

Though it's not completely done, nor painted at all, it's been a busy smoker since Thursday, completing two fatties, 24 moink balls, 3 huge racks of baby backs, two 7.5lb pork shoulders and a 6lb brisket. All of which have been amazing, and all the credit goes to this discussion thread.

While reading the thread, I saw Skidder's 4th UDS setup with casters on legs and immediately thought it looked like a droid and realized my build would need to look like R2-D2, as my career has been centered on Star Wars for some time now.

As I have access to a nearby metal working shop so I took advantage of that for parts of the build, including legs, my fire basket and a couple clips. I really liked the basket design from Norcoredneck, so I used that as my model.

Still to be added is a thermometer below the grill, handles and paint.

I'm very happy with the removable basket on a pizza pan design from Nocoredneck. I got my pans at Ace mart, metal fence base plate, 1/2" pipe with a cap on top that has a 1/4" bar across it for a removable handle.

The fatties from the first cook and baby backs from the second.

What I had to do because the free drums a freind brought to me had the dreaded red liner and I was so anxious to begin, I did so with my angle grinder. It's wasn't fun, but it wasn't terrible either.

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