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Found some matches.
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Originally Posted by Guamaque View Post
This is what I did, so I can use my UDS for grilling and of coarse smoking. I like to sear steaks, brats etc. Drill 3 holes at opposite angles in the side of the drum, and place 1/4 inch screws with a backing bolt inside. Do this about 8-10 inches below your grill, basically obtain another cheap round grill. Then when you want to grill, put the new charcoal rack in, fill it with your favorite charcoal, hot burning stuff, light it up. Then your grill is only 8-10 inches off the heat source. When your smoking, just remove that grill/ charcoal grate and your good. I now don't remove it at all, I use it to put a water or drip pan on it when I smoke, so it serves both purposes.
This is a good idea. I was thinking about adding a water pan anyway after talking to a friend of mine. So i'll have that going in a couple days. Thanks for all the help, guys.
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