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Default Some pron from weekend (or at least an attempt!)

DISCLAIMER: I used a gas grill so if this is against everything you believe in and want to move on you may!

We were supposed to have some great weather this past weekend so I planned to have some BBQ. My mom was out of town so I picked up some stuff to have my dad over both days. Picked up some whole chickens and found some spare ribs on sale. The first night we made his awesome lemon garlic chicken. It goes something like this (sorry I don't have prep pics, I'll work on that).

whole chicken washed and patted dry
rub (still trying to get him to tell me everything that is in it)
fresh lemon and garlic

Clean the chicken and allow to dry
Cut up one lemon per chicken into slices
Cut up several cloves of garlic (sliced, no need to chop or mince here)
line the inside cavity of the chicken with some rub
gently squeeze in some lemon juice then throw slices in chicken (about 3-4)
Throw in some garlic slices
Add more lemon
add more garlic
add more lemon
Do the same to rest of the chickens, we did 2

Add to a spit and tie. Cover the outside in more rub. Tie up the legs and wings. At this point it should look like this.


Next, add some chips of your favorite wood to your smoke box (we used mesquite this time) and place on flavorizer bars. Bring grill up to temp (350F here). Add the spit to the grill and it should look like this:


Cook for about 2 hours depending on size of chickens. When done it should look like this:


These things taste amazing! I can't get enough. We ate one and the second is getting used for lunch for me this week and we used some of the breast tonight for quesadillas.

Sunday was time for the spare ribs. I've never done spare ribs before, only baby back. Here is how I did them for my first try.

4-5 lbs of spare ribs
some rub
brown sugar
apple cider vinegar
sweet baby rays original
apple wood for smoking

started out trimming the ribs and washing.
add the rub to both sides, then add a generous amount of brown sugar to each side.
Place on a rack in a roasting pan
Poor some apple cider vinegar in the roasting pan along with your favorite beer (or in my case the one I just happen to have around as I don't drink much).
Get the grill up to temp (about 225-250) and the smoke box going on the flavorizer bars.
Place the roasting pan opposite the lit burner.
Cook until smoke fades, then cover with foil.
Cook for a couple more hours, I also basted the ribs with the juices from the roasting pan once.
Get some more apple chips ready for smoking and throw them on.
Raise the grill tempo up to around 300-350.
Once the smoke starts remove the ribs from the pan and place bone side up on the grill.
Add some sauce to the bone side, then flip after about 15-20 minutes.
At this point it should look like this:


Add more sauce to the rack and cook for another 15-20 minutes. Now it should look like this:


Remove and let rest, then cut and serve! These ribs had great flavor!!! And the texture from the last bit of cooking at higher temps works really well. Not my favorite sut of meat, but for $10 you couldn't ask for more (I don't mean seconds, cause we did go back for those! ) I also got the last two ribs for lunch this week!

Hope you enjoyed, we did!
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