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Default I am the inventor of Gravity Feed Burner f Wood Pellet

Originally Posted by NorthwestBBQ View Post
Welcome woodpelletsmoker! You should introduce yourself in the Cattle Call forum. Nice looking grill. Did you make it?
I use this burner to develop grill, smoker, oven, stove, boiler.
There are already many gravity feed cabinet smokers. But they can not burn wood pellet.
Traditionally wood pellet burner has auger, blower and chips to match air/pellet.
Sounds good, works not so good. Reasons:1.machine is not clever enough to match air/fuel. Real case must be more air than needed. Otherwise pellet will pile up and burning pot will be blocked by pellet. 2.auger tends to be jammed.must use high quality pellet. 3. auger can not deliver charcoal, coal, nothing to say wood chunks,logs. 4.There is opening on fuel bin for axle of auger, fire may burn back to fuel bin. 5.must have 110V electricity. not good for outdoor or emergency. 6.complex is bad. simple is better.

In my gravity feed burner, construction is extremely simple. 1.More air, big fire,less air, small fire. 2.if any bridge blocking, it will be burnt down. 3.can burn pellet, coal, charcoal, wood chunk, even wood logs. 4.There is only one opening on fuel bin, the cover. and the cover is water sealed. 5.a 12V DC 10 W blower will work perfectly. This blower is smaller than an electrical bulb. A car battery can power it a week 6.Simplicity is better, complex is bad.
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