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Originally Posted by smokindave74 View Post
I have an idea to build a second UDS. I have an open top drum with a bolt ring. As noted in several other posts, the Weber Kettle and Big Lot's lids do not fit precisely on an open top barrel without some metal bending, hammering, etc. However, they (both styles of lids) do fit nicely on a closed top drum on either end. (For those of you who don't know what I am talking about......the top and bottom of most closed end drums just have a crimped or welded joint that is slightly smaller in diameter than an open top lip.

My idea is to use the open flat-top as the actual bottom of the drum.....essentially leaving an open cylinder for the actual drum. Both ends would be removed during during construction.

My idea is to use a small bead of rtv silicone in the flat-top lid groove to seal the drum when I set the two pieces together.

If I let it cure before assembly, my guess is that I can remove the whole drum from the bottom lid for cleaning/removing the ash.

Any opinions........???

My only thought is that the RTV might actually glue itself together, and I won't easily be able to get the drum separated from the lid as easily as I imagine. I guess I would just have a regular drum then.....not an "easy-clean" cylinder.

Maybe I don't need the RTV, if I just put the bolt ring back down and tighten it? The original lid had a seal in it, but it was a foam/rubber material, and I already burned that out for fear of nasty off-gases from it.

Just an idea.....anyone done this????

Dave, a lot of folks have done this. I don't think the caulk is going to give you a whole lot better seal than just holding the lid on the bottom with the bolted ring, tightened up snugly. So I wouldn't worry about caulking the lid unless you notice temperature control problems during your first few cooks.

Build it, cook with it, and make adjustments from there.

Remember, K.I.S.S. Don't over think this.


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