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I love you brother Gore mostly because there is a rip in your foil envelope and you jiuce tends to leak out. LOL

I can't wait for someone to latch on to this post of yours and pig pile.

Originally Posted by Gore View Post
What gets me is some new guy coming onto this forum and telling us that our tried and true method is not the only way to make BBQ. At least you can hang around, post a little and get to know us first, but just to ... Wham! tell us this chit right away out of the smokey blue without warning or even hardly introducing yourself is a sure path toward alienation. I don't know who you are Pitmaster T or what you've done with PopDaddy (may he rest in peace), but you've got a lot of nerve coming here and telling us that Funk is dead, and that there's more than one way to cook a horse ... errr brisket.

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