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Default Who's ready for more?

The forecast fore the weekend is wet, but I should be able to squeeze in a couple of hours to roast on Saturday, but I don't want to do it if no one needs more coffee yet.

I'm thinking about roasting either...

Yemen Mocha Sabri
Aroma: Intensity 8/10 berry fruit, toasted grain; big strawberry, slight tropical fruit and a hint of sweet pipe tobacco on the break
Flavor--complex, rich fruits (hints of strawberry, cherry), with slight malty note. Low end had hints of pipe tobacco and dark chocolate, but sweet and VERY clean. This is a very special coffee.


Costa Rica SHB EP Romelia
Flavor - slight floral, semi-sweet chocolate, Brazil nut. Moderate sweetness

The Yemen would be $16/bag due to higher green bean price and the Costa Rica would be at the normal $12.

So, who needs coffee, and do you have a strong preference as to which one?

gtr - 2 - Shipped
Fatback Joe - 1 - Shipped
Arlin - 1 - Shipped
Big George - 1 - Shipped
Mr. Byte - 2 - Shipped
deepsouth - 2 - Shipped
BBS - 1 - Shipped
Norm - 2 - Shipped
HB BBQ - 2 - Shipped
Landarc - 1? Gotta look
Deguerre - 1? Gotta look

Total - 16?

Costa Rica:
gtr - 2 - Shipped
Cast Iron Cheif - 1 - Shipped
Big George - 1 - Shipped
Mr. Byte - 2 - Shipped
deepsouth - 1 - Shipped
BBS - 1 - Shipped
Norm - 2 - Shipped
Deguerre - 2

total - 12
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