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Originally Posted by AZScott View Post

Ah here we go. I looked at the rules KCBS 2011:

8. Parboiling and/or deep‐frying competition meat is not

I really think that rule, while a lawyer may argue it, would cover sous vide.
Yea.. and I don't want to really get into an argument over semantics... but boiling can't occur at 160 degrees.. at least on this planet.
But that's the reason I asked my local KCBS rep prior to even considering the cooking method. He did tell me it's a legal method.
I also agree it's certainly not traditional bbq, but neither is building franken-chickens and braising in butter.
What got me looking at it was a conversation on this forum where someone was questioning the butter braise method and it was compared to sous vide cooking. so I thought I'd give it a shot.

If I were to try it in competition I may want to clear the method with the reps for every event I intend on entering. No method is worth a DQ.
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