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The experiments we did with legal methods used a cambro drink cooler to hold the water.
Fill with 160 degree water, drop in the chicken in vacuum sealed bags. The temp drops to about 155 degrees when the chix drops in. Then the cambro only allows the temp to drop about a degree an hour or so. Chicken thighs are done at about 2 hours.. but can sit in there for 3 or 4 no problem. Then finish on high heat for about 15 minutes to dry it out a bit then sauce for another 15 min or so. Thighs end up almost the same size cooked as they were raw and juicy as can be. Breasts would need to be cooked at a lower temp I believe. Probably in the 145 degree range.

There are interesting articles out there using beer coolers to hold the water.. I tried that once, but of course igloo coolers don't hold quite as well as cambro coolers, so I had to add a little hot water part way thru.

The skin is bite thru.. so tender it's almost non-existent.

We're actually experimenting with it more for possible catering gigs.. thoughts are if we can bag chicken for a hundred and cook them in a big coffin cooler hours in advance, then a few minutes on a grill to finish them off, it really makes cooking chicken for a big group easy and the product is awesome.
That's what got us thinking about using it for comps.
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